Thursday, March 21, 2013

Intro to F1 and Official F1 Sites

INTRO is the official site of Formula 1 racing.
It's a great place to start looking for current F1 information, and it's a great place to start looking back into F1 history. I've also found Wikipedia to be a treasure trove of F1 info.

First off, "Formula 1" is the name of the RULES governing the sport. Before I became a fan I was under the mistaken belief that this "formula" was a fuel mixture or some such thing... oops. The rules of F1 are the recipe, or formula, that helps to make it the safest yet fastest and most exciting race on four wheels. The rules are set by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile or FIA.

The FIA started out as the Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIACR) in 1904 in Paris, France, where it is still headquartered today. The purpose of the FIA is to standardize rules for various forms of racing so competitors might stand on equal footing wherever races are held.

Official Team Sites 2013 - Listed in 2012 Championship order

01 - Infiniti-Red Bull Racing aka Red Bull Racing, Red Bull-Renault, or just plain Red Bull.
02 - Scuderia Ferrari (aka Ferrari)
03 - Vodafone-McLaren-Mercedes (aka McLaren, Vodafone-McLaren, McLaren-Mercedes)
04 - Lotus F1 (aka Lotus, Lotus-Renault)
05 - Mercedes AMG Petronas (aka Mercedes)
06 - Sauber F1 (aka Sauber, Sauber-Mercedes)
07 - Sahara Force India F1 (aka Force India, Force India-Mercedes)
08 - Williams F1 (aka Williams)
09 - Scuderia Toro Rosso (aka Toro Rosso, Toro Rosso-Ferrari, STR, STR-Ferrari)
10 - Caterham F1 (aka Caterham, Caterham-Renault)
11 - Marussia F1 (aka Marussia)
 X - HRT Formula 1 (aka HRT, Hispania Racing)

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